All square

Saw the released pics of the new Renault Laguna today, no real surprises on the exterior styling front;


Something about the cutline that runs from the headlamps to the wheelarch seems a little unresolved. Looks almost too high, as though the bumper surface beneath it is too large.

Looks to me like the Citroen C6 was referenced with the headlamp that cuts into the fender..


On the interior, the squared-off steering-wheel makes a welcome return – thirty years ago the Austin Allegro was ridiculed for its ‘quartic’ steering wheel, now it’s all the rage! First the Audi RS4;


Now the new Laguna;


Nice to think the Allegro’s legacy lives on;


That wheel looks so skinny – if you gripped it too tightly it would take your fingers off!



  1. joe blogs.......... get it! · June 6, 2007

    very true

    c6 copy design shi!
    so many cars beeen copied in this c5 407 mecedez door handle rising, jag estate for the shooting break

    mondeo and 407 much better than this soft saggy sack of shi£ design
    wheel doesent make it better to me unless it develops a rs laguna cls style coupe then my opionoion might change

    no wonder 3 designers comited suicide after seeing this wea the renault badges , patrick should quit and be ashamed with thd french flight of fantasy, the proton gen 2 looks sexier more resolved, even a ssyangong could get more marks im a beuty contest!!!!!

    barca looks gud, you got a job out there now?

  2. The Face · June 8, 2007

    man, speak your mind!; )
    I could be wrong here but I think Patrick LeQuement is no longer Renault’s chief of design? as of a couple of years back…but not sure on that. Am a fan of their Espace and Megane, which are at least distinctive. The new Clio, Twingo and this are a little forgettable.
    No job as yet…..gotta keep plugging away! Tough business to break into.

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