Culture seen

Been taking time out to do some touristy things, not quite wearing a fanny-pack…but, went to Mont-Juic, the home of the Olympic Stadium,

and this tasty bit of sculpture..not sure of it’s function, but i like it. The yellow towers are I think wind-turbine power generators.


Here is the Palace at the top of Mont-Juic;


with great views looking back;


not forgetting this littel gem nestling in a back street nearby..


Saw a crazy german film outdoors about turkish music..


and we had the best tapas EVER…in Barconoletta, a crazy almost Parisien cafe off the beaten track, speaking only Catalan, air thick with Spanish cigarettes,  and through the international language of ‘pointing’ and some broken spanish ordered up a feast. Total cost ( 6 large dishes and 5 beers) 27Euros / £18.



rematch required.



  1. Drew · May 30, 2007

    The tower, by the hoily man Sanitago Calatrava, was the communications tower for the ’92 olympics, natch.

    I can’t believe you went to Montjuic and didn’t get any snaps of the Barcelona Pavilion, that divine temple to the modernist movement.

    Shame on you Ed-man!

  2. The Face · June 11, 2007

    Pavilion Schmavilion! Was an odd place, like an abandoned theme park (rather like the Tibidabo park above the city) but some stunning architecture. Best appreciated framed by empty blue sky.

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