Scouring BCN for business spaces. Seems like the more time one spends here the more tourists you notice – the place is buzzing with them; us included.

Chanced upon an Absyinthe bar. Result=illness


I always wanted a ‘proper’ scalextric track as a snotty-nosed kid, but this one took my face off!


I wrongly assumed BMW motorbikes were for dudes with cardigans and beards, but things have obviously moved on – this one rocks;


80’s cars alive and kicking in Europe;



This bike caught me eye – didn’t know you could get wheels as small as the front one on this bad-boy. I feel a purchase is on the cards…


Place is full of rat-bag bikes like this one; not sure if these are bought like this or whether the owners subtly modify them but there’s something very cool about these tiny-engined beasties screaming around the city;


Finally – the Spaniards have taste; I’m sure the Toyota Corolla et al have outsold the original Mini, but whereas you never notice a 70’s Toyota in the street (or is that just me?) a pristine BMC Mini always stand out;mini1.jpg


One comment

  1. flora · May 29, 2007

    Looks like you’re having fun. SO not missing out here – Bank Holiday in London was characterised by torrential rain and Arctic winds: perfect barbie weather. Have you found a place to live?

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