WK Interact

Went to the opening night of WK Interact’s Barcelona show at Maxalot last night. Maxalot’s venue is a lush gallery/office in the Gotic area of town, Max and Lotje are the creative minds behind http://www.Maxalot.com

Pretty new to WK’s work but I like; partly becasue of the ‘technical’ look of the graphic style, the graffiti backdrop, and the textures

…and because this looks to me like Mr T’s van…


and this is definitely a Renault Fuego top right – bonus car geek points!!

Tunes provided by Max followed by Rastos….


A big thank you to Max and Lotje who have been cool advisors and friends. We hope to return the favours soon….

spotted these vehicular crimes in and around Raval;

The entire rear-end of this beast is held together by duct-tape, while the bonnet sellotape hints at a hugely powerful V8 about to break out….


This bad-boy is neither as cool or quick as a motorbike or as comfy as a car – Pointless!wk6.jpg

Fashion-crime – Euro style….


How’s this for a brilliant idea; get around people’s reluctance to go green by taking a mobile recycle-station to the local square… (Truck runs on Biodiesel) Genius.



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