La Raval

Tapas is fresh this morning! Feels a leeetle surreal walking out of the door on to Ramblas Raval. A portly gent was teaching his wife/girlfriend to ride a bike on the street, with patchy success. Don’t know why but seeing an adult unable to do something as simple as ride a bike is weird, like not being able to swim or drive a car. Anyway, a few people standing around watching the spectacle made me think a scam was involved…until we started walking off…. turned round and she was on the floor, after mashing into a barrier! Outstanding. (She was fine..)

Found an outdoor table-tennis spot outside a bunch of bars near the university; am now on the hunt for a bat, speedos, aviators and an affro to complete the Euro-sportif look.



  1. Fuzzball · May 20, 2007

    Shaolin sandwich bat table tennis super challenge is on… Face style vs Fuzzball style..

  2. The Face · May 20, 2007

    you leave me no choice…i will have to learn you the way of TheFace. 21-10

  3. flora · May 29, 2007

    Nothing wrong with not being ablt to drive a car!

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