BCN ETA 19.05.07

Been a busy monkey this week trying to;

sell the motor..(i’m ahead of the curve on this one – trust me etc etc)

get some gainful employment..(a work in progress)

patent an idea from the Rebel..(could be a long but worthwhile task)

oh, and not spend any money; tough combo….!Anyway, think we’re all very pleased about having been featured in a bunch of online and (hopefully!) actual publications. The list so far includes –

and not forgetting the ever cool and amusing

There’s some company interest generated that needs taking advantage of quick sharp..

So Barcelona beckons – flight booked for Saturday..Rastos and TheFace™ gonna work it out! Stay tuned for updates. Had been stressed about upping sticks and going south, but now am back feeling the positivity of the idea and the love of a good paella!


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