Presentation time

Hopefully my Frappucino will last long enough for me to write this complete post…otherwise the Starbucks cops’ll be on to me ; )

So this last weekend was a bit mental, finally getting some decent free-time to pull together the project. Kaz and Muj came over to hammer out the last details for some of the boards we sent off to the Interior Motives competition. We ended up submitting in the ‘Simple yet Individual’ category, which hopefully our cheeky little car embodies well;





Here’s the K-z man hard at work;


Am enjoying watching unfeasibly large TV on a projector; persuaded the folks that in this ‘simple yet individual’ high-tech age one needs to keep up with future developments. Strangely enough, for the price of a 32″ TV you can get a projector which goes from 0-15ft screen-size depending on where you put it. With amazing picture-quality. Only downside is you aren’t gonna see it in bright sunlight, when, in any-case, you shouldn’t be inside watching TV. No-brainer! Bonus points for the DVD-spot – crappy picture but you get the picture….


Shameless self-promotion – took yet more shots of the 1/4-scale model done for the MA before it’s consigned to a cupboard somewhere. Think these models should be ‘used’ – maybe crash-testing, any other ideas?


So, officially the project is almost done. A few more high-res shots will be crafted for presentation purposes, which i’ll stick on this site. The next 2 weeks will be starting to sort out details of the bidness venture I’m embarking on with my old mate Chris. More details of this on here soon, as it’s directly relevant to car-design, graphic design, and architectural design…in a new way.



  1. car design student · May 2, 2007

    very interesting developments
    did you make your ma model from clay or get it 3d milled from alias data
    good luck for imotives cool cubes, nice maybe could have pushed design further out of the box, no pun intended!

  2. The Face · May 4, 2007

    Thanks car design student.
    MA model was made with fibreglass over a clay male model. Oh, and a lot of bodyfiller!
    First time i’d ever made one and it was a ‘challenging’ method. Much more mobile than a clay though. Coventry didn’t have milling resources available…
    Far as the design goes, you’re right, we deliberately wanted to explore the interior concept, and make it as manufacturable as possible. I think if we’d done a more styled exterior we’d have been going against the idea of small, simple, and affordable transportation. Trying to maximise the useable space meant that we really had no other option but to keep things ‘boxy’! If you look at the Mini, the Beetle, and indeed the Scion’s you could argue a lot of their appeal is in their silhouette – a simple and recognisable form. So we wanted to use a strong visual silhouette as a driver for the design.
    With a bit more time I think we’d have worked more on some of the exterior details; door-handles, panel-stamping features, etc etc…and actually we’ll probably carry on and add some of these things soon, but we felt we should stick to our self-imposed timing schedule to make the project as valuable as possible.

  3. car design student · May 4, 2007

    great stuff, i agree, im in process of finishing a scale clay model and ready to fibre glass it, our uni has clay and the alias but no v expensive rapid protop millin machin, maybe only rca and pforzheim can afford them.

    its really hard work and effectively start again when it comes back, a lot of body filler needed to repair a grp cast. i want one that is portable too, the clay one is bloody heavy and melts when warm or touched.

    your design does make sense, but the orange citroen i rember seeing on cardesignnews is very emotional and memorable! not just in colour but the wing over the top even in black white attracts.

    keep on developing the rebel, i liked the sketches from one of the first posts an extreme dhakar rally one would be a cool challenge and maybe more fun, still with a cube in profile.

    dont worry about the details lik handles switches, the body would be my priority.

    keep us all posts

  4. Golngs · June 7, 2007

    Hi! nice site!

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