Short and Sweet

No internet in new house….oops. So this is coming live and direct from Starbucks. Where they (or at least T-mobile) charge £40 a month for internet use. What a bargain!…….thieves. Annnyway, been working on dash and exterior models to get into a presentation format.

Here’s a couple;



Have our last-ish group meeting this coming thursday which we hope will give us some presentation ideas and final scenarios for the function of the car. Think we’re feeling pretty positive about how the initial idea has developed. We’ll show the interior function detail on here shortly, as really this is the USP of the car. The exterior shows some similarity to that Ford SYNus t concept from a few years back; failry difficult to get away from the boxy silhouette with a very small car, but the detail and character of each car is very different – Rebel is going for a more light-hearted and playful image, with hidden depths waiting inside the car.




  1. rage · April 26, 2007

    Nice renders but I think your visuals need much more details. Optics lights effetcs and adding other textures on your wheels, too much shinny for me.
    Which sofware did you use?

    Look at this for texturing

  2. The Face · April 29, 2007

    Good site link there – will use that in future. About textures; fair point, though we’re not showing final renders, time and file-size constraints! Will put up finals soon. One thing; we’re using plastic as the body material in the renders, deliberately pushing the car into product territory, and this might be part of the ‘shiny’ issue. We’re using Alias Image studio for rendering. Good but sloooooow.

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