Keep moving…nothing to see here

Another amazing day – if this is global warming then I’m confused; we’ve had weeks and weeks of beautiful weather here in the UK..where’s the downside?!

Looking at some reversible front seats that transform into rear-facing seats. Taken from an idea seen on certain Japanese high-speed trains, these, combined with a folding base mechanism, mean the seat can effectively disappear into the floor. In our case this will be used to form part of a bed, allowing the function of the rear interior block to spread into the front of the car.

Here’s some ideas for the front seats from Mujammil;


This design has been pretty much agreed on (minor trim details excepted) so we’ll be modelling these shortly.

Used a surrogate interior with seats from a previous model to play around with sizes and packaging on the Alias. Although there are still many small changes to be made, we can start to use these models as underlays to get on with final renders for presentation purposes.

renderreart-copy.jpg renderside5-copy.jpg

Developed the wheel using another logo suggestion from The Tarantulas. The idea behind the square is to tie in the theme for some of the rear interior work; using replaceable square sections to configure the car as the user wants.


Last but certainly not least: I’m regretfully selling my car…boo-hoo.

I’m not going to go on about it like a sad car-nut, so instead here’s a link;


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