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Well, we’re pulling together lots of loose ends now. Though I get this feeling it’ll be a lot of last-minute work to actually get the final presentation quality stuff sorted out!

Spoke to multi-talented mate Chris yesterday about graphics for the car. We agreed as a group on the name ‘Rebel’ as it linked in nicely to the target customer groups that originally inspired the project. Chris had a quick go at some fonts to apply to the car; we wanted to have a reference to grafitti while not going completely ‘jokey’ with the font. sketches_2.jpgsketches_1.jpg


What do you think? Too comic-like? Just right? Let us know….

His website, is linked to the right – should be live early next week.

Mujammil turned out some tasty wheels which I modelled on Alias today. Here’s his original sketch and final proposal;


Here’s a couple of very quick Alias versions of the wheel – think we’ll need to work on colour a little – I think the idea of matt-black or satin black is ultra-cool, but whether they ‘dull’ the overall feel of the car too much will have to be discussed..



One comment

  1. rage · April 16, 2007

    i like your blog, and especially when you put sketches online
    good work guy

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