Interior motives

Looking at some interior ideas. We’ve got the rear interior pretty much figured out in terms of layout and structure now…What we’re developing is a cube system (3×3 on each side), which allows the user to change every panel to suit a specific function. So, if you wanted to stick in a Blue-Ray module you can pop in your Blue-Ray panel. If you want to stick in a cycle holder module you pop out 2 panels (one for each wheel) and it’s done. We’re still figuring out some details – how each module is powered etc, the rest is going to be tweaking.



Also looking at IP ideas; simple, bold, component-based, and multi-adjustable to suit LHD/RHD. Styling-wise we’re exploring using the cubed idea that we’re using for the rear interior…but yet to be determined – this is ongoing. You could say that we’re not pushing the boat out stylistically, but we’d argue that we’re trying to design something that would be feasible a)for an OEM to make, and b) for a 20yr old to buy.



One comment

  1. Jonathan · April 11, 2007

    Some flexible storage space on the dash with power would be useful; somewhere to hold and charge PDAs, mobiles and portable nav system within easy reach and visibility. Maybe with a cover to hide them from view when you’re parked.

    How big are the cubes in the back? Where do you store the base panels when you add a functional block? I like the idea of having flexibility, but there will be limits on where each block can be located (e.g. only a couple with power for video, blu-ray etc.).

    I like the concept and wish you the best of luck.

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