Tuesday in town

Really good project meeting today. Met in the British Library again and set oursleves a time limit to finish the remainder of the work….One thing I think we’re all feeling is that to keep motivated and inspired, regular group meetings are essential, otherwise you can end up wandering down a design dead-end. Figured out front-end, rear-end, wheels, and dash direction…..narrowed down our rear-passenger space functionality, and how exactly each component works. Details of this will be posted pretty soon, but we still have a way to go to ensure it integrates into the vehicle well.

Ended up having a tasty meal in Bodeans off Poland street in Soho…amazing pulled-pork, BBQ-style. Definitely feels like the start of summer…bring it on!

Saw this a while ago and assumed it would go no further. However, this appears to be the next taxi for NYC according to http://www.caranddriver.com…..replacing the Crown-Vic with this monstrosity is an ‘unusual’ step….apparently the design was ok’d by the taxi-drivers themselves. Do I detect a cheap attempt at a London cab design? Insert witty comment here; I’m speechless.





  1. Joel the Bardakist · May 20, 2007

    For crying out loud! Why do you waste your talent with such unattractive designs,One Frenchie at Strate college here in Paris was doing good design of a car it looks like a coffrin,don’t compete with him!,that’s me.
    Francoise de la bois!

  2. Digital 1 · May 21, 2007

    FUCKIN PUKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on America, cheep ecomonical trandportation does not need to look like a cardboard cutout…….

    I now have diarea of the eyeballs, I just want to expel all thoughts af this horrid design.

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