Been out of comission for a couple of days, partly becasue of a monster hangover on Friday, and being out today enjoying the sun. Met up with an English friend who I met in the US when I was working out there..turns out we’re living within 15mins of each other here in London – weird.

Came across this skate video: can’t pretend I know too much about the X-games street scene, but this guy rocks…can’t embedd the vid on this site for some annoying reason..so linky;


Saw this new Ford Flex ‘concept’ for introduction in 2008. Based on the Fairlane concept of 2005 (right) it looks fairly close to production to me.

6303692w600.jpg alt01.jpg

Shame the headlights didn’t make it…and I’m not in love with the colour on the production version, (even though I still think metallic brown is the new silver!) But credit to Ford for having the balls to try something new in the US market. Hope it succeeds.

Doodling, need a break from the project!




  1. Fuzzball · April 10, 2007

    Metallic Brown is the new Silver ?? You still hung over ? Nice doodles ; )

  2. The Face · April 10, 2007

    You know it man! Encompasses retro chic, a little environmental sensitivity, and polarises opinion…ideal. I need another Neurofen.

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