Hot Thursday

Almost too nice a day to work…almost

Read with interest commments from Bob Lutz about the 3 microcars from Chevy; “Lutz told Autocar that a car similar to these concepts could appear on the US market in the future, but they would have to be “one size bigger to meet the very severe American crash-test requirements”. He also claimed that petrol would have to climb to “$4 a gallon” before significant numbers of American car buyers would downsize into a supermini.” …..I’m not convinced that the only reason people would buy a small cool car is low fuel consumption. If you can give the customer the impression that there’s no quality or functional comromise when they buy a small car (Mini, VW Beetle) then they buy the car because they want it as a product, not because it’ll save them a gallon of fuel a week. Or am I missing something.

I know these are the same views as before, but wanted to firm up a couple of frontal ideas in my head;



The top one from the bumper-line upwards is my preference, below the bumper it’s too fussy. Have to check with the crew and see what they’re thinking.

Ambient lighting – rough montage of how we can play about with exterior panels to create some interior lighting effects that are natural in the rear section of the car.


Need to sort out our next meeting pronto. Interior needs taking beyond rough-sketch stage and we plan on firming up exterior for modelling.



  1. Antônio Silva · April 5, 2007

    Im from Brazil… Found this site at Very nice the idea of this blog . Im learning many things here with your posts. Im 16 and become a car designer is my objective so i try to get all information i can… Continue with the good work, and good luck!

  2. Jonathan Kasumba · April 6, 2007

    Hey folks

    Excellent work guys. Representing Africa i can say you guyz have done a hell of a job; Am learning a great deal in injesting your evolving design process . Fabulous work guys and all the best.

  3. The Face · April 10, 2007

    Thanks for the comments. Like your site Jonathan; some great stuff going on there. Best of luck!

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