Three degrees of seperation

Chevrolet released pictures of the remaining 2 minicar concepts they plan to show at NewYork’s Autoshow…


I like these…and yep, they’re toy-like, but when you’re designing a tiny city-car aimed at kids and 20-somethings, why not make it fun and chunky? I’d much rather any one of these than a small car that’s been ‘sophisticated-up’. That could just be me trying to be 20 again though….

Of the three I’m liking the Groove the most, partly becasue it reminds me a little of where we’re going with our own project. The high waist-line and upright DLO give it a really chunky feel, and the oversized wheelarches give it an unusually menacing air – in a cheeky way rather than anything that’ll give you nightmares..

The Beat concept looks as though the A-pillar proved to be a particular ‘problem area’…

I still quite like the Trax but the Groove’s in the lead. Wether the public vote goes the same way will be an interesting one to watch…


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