Glass ceilings…

Haven’t spent as much time on the design as I’d have liked today but talked with Mujammil about light – specifically light entering the vehicle. Nothing new about it, but bearing in mind the rear-section functionality of the car it will be a critical feature. I guess there’s not some kind of study out there about SAD syndrome relative to cars? Seeing as we spend a good proportion of our lives sitting in our cars, and the fact that there are plenty of suitable materials around (PCB laminates etc) you’d think more cars would have a ‘clear-roof’ option; Right now I only know of the Euro Opel Astra and Porsche 911 Targa that do anything remotely novel with a clear roof. I guess rigidity is a major issue…

vauxhall-astra-panoramic-20060614052156375.jpg newtitel.jpg

Played around with some straightforward side-views looking at some alternative rear dlo options.

Once we figure out more of the hard-points for the interior we’ll be looking at packaging and themes a little more closely. Which direction we go will dictate how the rear-door opens which in turn effects how much we can explore with rear-glass graphics etc.


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