Something for the weekend..

Busy weekend which included my birthday, a boat-trip, shopping in the west-end, and a party on Friday. So a bit slack on new developments.. But, we had an email discussion about some aspects of front and rear-ends and exactly what kind of message the design of each should convey. Because this car is intended to appeal to the youth market it has to have attitude and a clear character – but we’re conscious that too much attitude will equally polarise opinion. With the Scion Xb, the designers successfully trod the line between making the car friendly, but a little mischievous. The new one (not shown here) has tried to shift the look more towards the aggressive look and away from the friendly. With the old car though it worked as both the little shopping-trolley….


And the 400hp mental machine..

With the rear-end we need to be careful to not over-design and do anything that might intrude on the functional space. Right now we’re looking at interior packaging and how to best utilise the space, along with some graphic details and wheel ideas. We’ll be meeting up sometime later this week to discuss what we’re doing and who’s doing what, so things may change after that!



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