Chevrolet Trax – some competition?

 No doubt the launch of the Smart FourTwo in the US later this year is being watched with more than passing interest by the US big 3….

1 – I’m a little concerned that the headlights are actually larger than the wheels. I know large wheels aren’t always practical but….

2 – What’s the deal with the two-tone paint? I’m guessing it’s a matt/gloss difference.

3- I have a feeling that, depending on the other 2 cars (see below), America will embrace these cheeky monkeys and usher in a new era of cool and hip microcars. Fingers crossed…..


Designed in South Korea the Chevy Trax will be shown in concept form at the NY autoshow. Two other Chevy minicars will be shown at the same time to gauge American public reaction to the ‘microcar’.

The Detroit News says; Additional details on the three vehicles will be revealed the day of the New York event.

Also that day, Chevrolet will open voting on the Web site, asking people to pick their favorite of the three concepts.

Chevy will use the results to gauge whether to bring a production version to America.

Industry analysts see potential for carmakers to expand into the extra-small car market, especially if gasoline prices continue to rise.

“Pretty much everyone is looking at entry-level cars nowadays,” said Stephanie Brinley of Southfield-based AutoPacific Group, an automotive consulting firm.

The subcompact market has only a handful of choices for consumers, said Jesse Toprak, a senior analyst with, an automotive resource tailored for consumers.

“It’s a small market, but one of the fastest-growing markets,” Toprak said.

Minicars are “becoming fashionable,” she said. “There is a potential, especially in the big cities on the East and West coasts, to sell minis.”

Minicars offer excellent gas mileage and are easy to maneuver and park in cities, Toprak said. They will attract more customers if the price point can remain under $10,000, she added.

“People will be surprised with all of the options and amenities that can come with a minicar,” Toprak said. “There’s a lot of car you can get for not a whole lot.”

All three concept vehicles are built on GM’s global mini architecture.

On the subject of wheelsizes I came across this pic somewhere on the web…..


Outstanding!!  How d’you get in??!


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