Another day…not another dollar

So…another day slips by, and a tasty one too. Went for a cheeky run this morning across Richmond Park, which is a beautiful place when the sun’s out. Those deer are scary though…got a nervous look in their eyes.

Annyway, we’re now working on some detail work for the project; specifically front and rear-end ideas, base-unit integration, and some other stuff. The base unit consists of a box which is effectively the rear section of the car. The box is made from a grid, so each side of the box is 3×3 sections. For each section we’re designing a system where you can snap-fit different functional blocks. So a Plasma screen would be a 2×2 section, or a seat would cover a 1×1 section – make sense? hmmm…we’re having our doubts, mainly about the size of the car relative to what we expect people to do in the back…snigger…but it might turn out to be a-cramped, or b-a bit bigger than we first thought.

Kaz sent me an image of the box-section…


Still some questions about how this integrates into the vehicle….

I messed around with some side-door variations, really so that we can agree on wether we have a side-door to access the rear section of the car….




  1. Karen B · March 30, 2007

    Love the ideas guys. Very intriguing to watch the project developing from the eyes of a complete auto design alien. Will forward to some petrol head friends… they might be your future audience. x

  2. Mujammil · March 31, 2007


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