First post…. goes. Gonna use this blog to log the progress on a project I’m doing along with a couple of fellow reprobates / escapees from Coventry University’s Automotive Design Masters course….

We started a few weeks back. To be honest we were all in the same boat – applying for work, starting to get a little ‘de-motivated’, and needing something to do. So, we met in the Old Mill pub near Warwick one wintry day and hammered out the project brief. The dude running the pub got a bit shirty with us after we’d been there for 6 hours and bought 3 coffees between us. ah well..

The outcome of that meeting was that we would set ourselves a time-scale of 8 weeks to design a Customisable ‘Youth’ car for 2020. Customisable in the sense of its’ functions, rather than just how it looks. Guess it comes down to your own view of the future and how you think we’ll be living in 10 years+….we reckon a sizeable number of cool kids’ll be looking for a funky car that’s distinctive, almost anti-designed, and will allow them to do whatever they want. By that we mean the flexibility of the car will allow them to use it as a home-movie space, a place to spin some tunes, a place to sleep-in, a place to camp, and a place to store a mountain-bike…


Cut to NOW….5 weeks later…and this is where we’re at…



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